Hello Friends,

Over the past decade, I’ve been known as Kate, providing entertainment both online and offline. I once believed I’d forever be Kate, but life has its own plans. As life evolves, I’m shifting away from physically in-person dating – it’s no longer a part of my journey. I’m now embarking on a transformative path, one that will eventually lead me beyond the persona of Kate.

My time as Kate has been cherished, filled with profound learning about people, relationships, and a personal journey through complex PTSD and major depressive disorder. This journey has granted me a deep understanding of the mind and how to reshape it. As a result, I’m transitioning into my destined path. I need to help others recreate the lives they want.

This new chapter sees me stepping into the role of a life coach, focusing on spiritual wellness and personal development. I’m excited about my new journey and open to wherever this path may lead me in the future. I’m committed to preserving
the aspects of Kate that have positively impacted people, especially the friendships and meaningful conversations we’ve shared, so in addition to coaching services, I’m thrilled to offer virtual and phone listening sessions and friendship calls.  Stay tuned for updates on this website, where I’ll provide details on packages and pricing.

During this unique phase of my life, your support plays a pivotal role in shaping my journey and contributing to a new future. While I’m working diligently on becoming the new me, I’m not quite there yet.  In the meantime, your subscription to my platform is immensely appreciated as I reshape my destiny.

To support me:

Thank you for being a part of this journey with me.  Stay tuned for an updated site with my phone and virtual offerings.


“Within the depths of your being, lies the radiant treasure of your soul, waiting to be uncovered and embraced, guiding you towards a life of profound purpose and inner fulfillment.”

-Authentic Courtney