On this week’s episode of The Frontline with Jerome Starkey Russian President Zelensky has hinted he may 500,000 more Ukrainian men in a move to continue the fight against Russia as the war moves into it’s second year.

At a rare end-of-year address, the defiant leader admitted it has been a “difficult year” – but vowed Ukraine will fight on to victory.

Zelensky kicked off his address by stating: “This is a difficult year that is coming to an end.”

However, he told Ukrainians never to lose “our resilience”, adding: “We are fighting for a future to be chosen by ourselves not the Russian Federation.”

This suggestion comes as winter starts to set in and both sides look to bolster their reserves or men and ammunition.

There is some suggestion Putin is unable to call on a second mobilisation before his election next year as it would damage his support before March.

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