Kate reclining in shadows

Review: What’s a “TWB”?

I believe in moments. I believe in talking. I believe in listening.  I believe in bringing my full self to our date. I believe in creating a connection that is shared just between us.  A date is an investment and a luxury which I do not take it lightly.  I believe in giving it my all.  Each date is unique and special in its own way.  Whether we are together for a short time, or a long time, I believe in natural flow and progression.  I am very intuitive and am very talented in knowing just what my client needs.  

Let my client take it from here:

“We are all searching for something in our lives. Whether if you can truly understand it for yourself, the actual “what” that you are looking for, is a different story. I can assume for most of us, our searching involves wanting a bit more fun, wanting to feel more loved, more excitement, or even wanting that perfect look in a companion for your particular fantasy. Maybe it’s even a bit all of the above…Or if you’re like me, you might be searching for your Unicorn. 

Given the current state of the hobby and the ever-changing community circumstances, these days you might not have as easy of a time searching. 

I’m happy to say that after a few years in the hobby I can’t help but feel beyond lucky to have found Kate. I didn’t think my Unicorn existed but, Kate easily ended my search. 

If you’ve ever been looking for a Therapist with Benefits, (TWB) look no further than a date with Kate. There’s something very special, very refreshing, and rejuvenating about being intellectually stimulated and engaged by an intelligent, witty and gorgeous Woman. The ability to have a genuine chat with Kate on anything, and everything was something I had not previously found (and honestly, I expect most likely not to find that with a whole lot of other providers). The special moments and memories to accompany that mental therapy on top of all of the rest has literally been my mythical find. 

There really should be no mystery to it all.

“Are the pictures accurate?” Absolutely; but more like “Are tweets and posts accurate?” With her openness to engage via her site, social media or even direct message, she’s an open illustrative book as to what you can expect in the great memories and moments you could have with a Date with Kate. She truly enjoys what she does and did I mention she has a hot body to go with that captivating smile and face?

She says it herself “I’m a (beautiful) smiling face (with gorgeous hypnotic eyes to match), a listening (genuine and caring) ear, a life coach, a counselor, a friend (who will in return, at minimum, make you a slightly better version of yourself, just by spending time and being kind with her).”

-YC, April 2018

Thank you kind friend.  Each moment I spend with someone, learning, listening and connecting changes me for the better.  I appreciate the connection, I appreciate the wonderful moments and I appreciate the parts of you that you shared. For me, it really is about the connection, the energy and about creating moments for the two of us.  I hope sharing this helps you make a decision to spend time with me.