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Review: What’s a Kate Date Like?

I dislike review culture and prefer to not participate in it.  I always welcome testimonials to be sent to me after a date.  I moonlight as Kate and have a professional daytime career that I love.  I love my time as Kate too.  My personal rule has been once I stopped enjoying my time as Kate, I would quit.  I think that is why I bring so much of myself to my dates.  In order to be good, it has to be as good of an experience for both of us.  I think that resonates into my dates, I’m often told I provide an unique experience.  I share with you what one client had to say about the times we’ve shared together.  If you’re a current or future client, I hope this paints a picture of what our time is like together:

“From the moment you are greeted by Kate, you become at ease. I’ve seen her a couple of times now, and before each meeting I’m nervous, and anxious, but she walks in with an angelic touch, and greets you as though you’re old friends, lovers, and has a warmth about her that radiates. She has a wealth of knowledge, and listens, admires, and flows with whatever energy you bring. When the fun begins, she moves with you, and takes over if need be, but allows you to get into the fantasy world you may crave. Beyond the norms you’d expect, Kate creates a lavish euphoria from the time you meet her, to the time she says goodbye. Leaving you with heart and soul, even if it’s a short encounter.

For the time you are with her, she makes you feel like you’re the only one, and the Earth stands still for you two. This is not exaggeration, Kate has a sensibility about her that will make you forget that you’re on this planet. She is sexual, smart, and beyond all else, a beautiful human being that will let you into her heart a bit more than most, and will touch yours. From hands held to hugs and kisses, she radiates a heat that you will never forget, and I know this, because I will never forget her. I aim to see her whenever I can, even if I have to fly her to me, because she’s adored, and more than worth your time. Even if all you ever do is talk with her, she’s company that you want to keep forever. I enjoyed every second of time spent with her, and she truly made me feel honored, and revered.” 

Thank you kind sir.  I appreciate you for the time we’ve spent together and the time you’ve spent to write this testimonial. 

If you are considering booking and have wondered what a date with me is like I think this client has summarized a date with me perfectly, although each date is it’s own unique experience.  I look forward to creating our own special memories.