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Review: Burgers & Beer

I just received an amazing client testimonial and wanted to share it with you all:

“While still a relative newbie to the companion dating world, I have a fairly clear idea of what I’m hoping to find when looking at potential providers. On a superficial level, yes, I want a beautiful, sexy woman that turns heads. But more than that, I want to make a genuine (yet temporary) emotional connection, accompanied by a mutual exchange of physical pleasure, all within the boundaries of a safe zone, and perhaps walk away with a harmless little crush. Introducing Kate.

I wanted to meet Kate just based on her social media activity. Her Twitter feed gives a very clear insight into her humor, intelligence, and warmth, and she just seems like someone you’d want to sit down with and have a burger and beer or two, and if the conversation becomes flirty and leads to a more private encounter later, well, that’s an awesome bonus. Spending some time on her website just added more interesting layers and texture to the picture and intensified the desire to meet her.

Yes, she doesn’t show her face in her photos, but trust me, in person she’s beautiful and amazingly sexy. But if that is your only concern you really aren’t tapping into the full Kate experience, as she’s so much more than just a pretty face. Warm. Open. Sweet. Funny. Depth of character. Time somehow passes wonderfully slowly while simultaneously racing by oh so fast when you’re with Kate. One date will not be enough, you will quickly find yourself working out a way to see her again.

I truly believe the connection she makes with you is genuine, there is no subterfuge here, you are getting the real Kate. And the emotional energy she shares with you is honest and deep. Because of this Kate is necessarily discerning with her clientele. As clients we should recognize the investment she is making and respond accordingly by treating her with the respect and consideration she deserves. Without doubt, you will get back what you give, if not more. And the experience will last you a lifetime, or until you can’t resist the lure and once again find yourself scheduling a date with Kate.”

JC 7/2018