Welcome to Episode 5 of “My Freedom Journey.” In this episode, I take you on a captivating adventure as I settle into my travel trailer and embark on a nature hike in the breathtaking surroundings of Cary State Forest. Join me as I witness a spectacular moonrise that left me in awe.

I’m Courtney, and I’m on a profound healing journey, recovering from c-PTSD and major depressive disorder. In November 2021, I was diagnosed with both conditions, and I began my path to healing through talk therapy, EMDR therapy, and self-administered psilocybin therapy. Over time, I’ve overcome much of my trauma, and I’ve made a promise to the universe to share my story and help others do the same.

This episode represents a chapter in my life where I’m organizing my trailer and settling into my new lifestyle. While I’ve started by showcasing my travel adventures, I’ll soon delve into the experiences that led me to this point in my journey.

I’m sharing my life and experiences to inspire others facing similar challenges. Recreating one’s life is a profound undertaking, and I truly value your love and support as I work towards finding my purpose.

Join me in this episode as I explore the freedom of solo travel, embrace the wonders of nature, and connect with the healing power of the great outdoors.


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