Welcome to Episode 4 of ‘My Freedom Journey.’ In this episode, I’m sharing my first day in the RV, where I feel the presence of nature all around me. Day 2 brings a rainstorm, and I’m working on getting settled into my trailer.

I’m Courtney, on a healing journey from c-PTSD and major depressive disorder, diagnosed in November 2021. Through therapies like talk sessions, EMDR, and self-administered psilocybin, I’ve come a long way. I promised to share my story and help others on a similar path.

I’ve ‘skipped to the good part’ to begin with my travel adventures, aiming to inspire those facing similar challenges. Recreating my life and finding my purpose are my ongoing pursuits. Follow me on my journey; your love and support are cherished.

Recreating your life is a transformative process. #MyFreedomJourney #HealingJourney #Inspiration #RecreatingLife #RVLife

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