Vegas Date with Kate

So, you’d like to have a date with me.

That’s GREAT!

I love meeting new friends and would love to make us happen.  Please don’t send me a DM, an email or any other contact without FIRST completing my screening form.  Without exception, I screen everyone that I see. If I cannot screen you, I cannot see you- no exceptions.  A properly filled out screening form (or a nice email that contains all of the necessary information) is the best start to our time together.  When you get me that information and all looks good, I get excited and want to see you.  Anything else – a debate or negotiation or reasons why you won’t complete my screening form is starting out on the wrong foot and I likely will not want to spend time with you.  So, let’s start out on the right foot, not waste each other’s time, get the screening form in so that we can make memories we will both enjoy.  As always, I don’t care who you are, where you are from, why you want to see a provider, who you are married to or any of that.  I simply want to make sure that I will be safe with you in private.  If it is a concern to you, my site is hosted in the Netherlands, all information you share is encrypted and is automatically destroyed after 7 days