Ray J Finally Confirms Diddy’s Disturbing Secrets (Exclusive Footage)

So, like, not too long ago, we caught Cassie’s BFF, the songwriter Vanessa Red, totally going off on Diddy. People are all like, “Yo, it sounds like she’s gonna sue Diddy,” and from what she’s saying, it seems like they might be getting ready for a whole class action thing. She straight up said it’s not just Diddy, but the whole music biz is in on it. But, it goes deeper. It seems like yet another person is ready to completely bury Diddy underground – Ray J.

There’s this wild blind item making the rounds, talking about Diddy and Ray J scheming on Ashanti, doing some messed up stuff like demanding you-know-what and blacklisting her. I know, it’s as awful as it sounds. And remember how Diddy swiped songs from Ashanti, trying to pass them off as JLo’s vocals? Now, it looks like he pulled a similar move on Ashanti, just like he did with Cassie. And Ray J’s caught up in this too? It’s like the whole industry is falling apart right in front of us.

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