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Las Vegas Rates by Duration

1 hour             600

90 min             800

2 hours         1,000

3 hours         1,400

4 hours w/dinner    1,600

4 hours, no dinner  1,800

6 hours         2,000

8 hours         2,500

12 hours       3,500


From Mild to Wild All posted rates are GFE. If you are looking for a more uninhibited experience, Please add $200 per hour.



Extended Dates

(inquire directly for extended dates)

24 hour           6,000

48 hour           10,000

Kate Back in Lingerie on bed

Fly Me to You

I will fly anywhere in the United States for the cost of my booked time plus travel/lodging.  Travel fees will be determined before date is confirmed.

4 hour minimum date required for flight duration of 2 hours and under. 

6 hour minimum date for flight duration exceeding 2 hours.  Contact me for details and an estimate of travel costs.



All rates are OUTCALL.

INCALL by request ONLY and not guaranteed.

I do not have an INCALL, but I will book a room for us with advance notice. *Add $100 or actual cost of room, subject to room availability/rates*

Late dates after 10pm – Add $100 per hour

Early dates before 8am- Add $100 per hour

Same Day / Last minute dates – Add $100 to total

Treat yourself to a date with Kate

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