Welcome to Part 2 of my “30 Videos in 30 Days” series, where I’m delving deep into the incredible journey that has brought me to where I am today. It all began in November 2021 when I embarked on a path of self-discovery. I initially sought therapy for thyroid-related health issues, but my Chinese medicine doctor recognized that I needed emotional support as well. That’s when my journey took a significant turn. I started talk therapy and EMDR, and I also explored the transformative world of psilocybin use.

Simultaneously, I was launching a YouTube channel for my real estate business, but as I embarked on this new venture, I realized that the real story was me. As I began filming myself to become more comfortable in front of the camera, it became evident that my personal journey and transformation held a unique power. Join me as I unravel my story, sharing the highs, lows, and everything in between on this path of self-discovery, healing, and growth.


Authenticity is at the core of my channel. Formerly known as Kate Layne, I’ve journeyed from a life as an escort to confronting complex PTSD and major depressive disorder, all while stuck in relentless survival mode. However, on this path, I unearthed my purpose and learned to rewire my brain for a more meaningful existence. Now, as Authentic Courtney, I’m here to share these life-changing experiences with you. This channel is where we explore the depths of personal growth, healing, and finding your own purpose. Through the lens of my story, I’m dedicated to helping you overcome challenges and thrive in your own unique way.

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