Join me in today’s deeply personal video as I share my journey, exploring the intricate tapestry of forgetfulness in the context of cPTSD, childhood trauma, and ADHD. As I open up about my experiences, witness the raw moments where my mind goes blank, and I struggle to remember even the term ‘PTSD.’

Amid vulnerability, I delve into the question: Is my forgetfulness a manifestation of the connections between cPTSD, childhood trauma, and ADHD, or is there another layer to this cognitive puzzle? Watch as I candidly confront the challenges, unveiling the impact of memory lapses on my daily life.

This video is an invitation to connect and empathize. As I stumble over words and concepts, I know I’m not alone in this experience. Together, let’s unravel the threads of forgetfulness, understanding that many others share similar struggles.

By sharing my story, I aim to break the stigma surrounding mental health challenges and encourage open conversations. If you’ve ever felt the weight of forgetfulness, join me in this exploration, and let’s build a community where understanding and support flourish.

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Hello, Beautiful Soul! Welcome to my space. 🌟

I’m Courtney, and I’ve embarked on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and transformation that I’m thrilled to share with you. My life took an unexpected turn, from navigating the challenges of being an escort to facing c-PTSD and major depressive disorder. But then, something incredible happened – I experienced a spontaneous kundalini awakening that completely shifted the course of my life.

Join me as I authentically document the last 18 months of my journey — the highs, the lows, and everything in between. I’m sharing the raw, unfiltered truth of my awakening and its profound impact on my life through my YouTube channel.

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Thank you for being here, for your support, and for sharing in my journey of renewal and transformation. Let’s navigate this path together!

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