Join me on an immersive drive through Cary State Forest, where I camped for 5 days in March 2023. The spacious and secluded sites make you feel like you have the forest all to yourself.

I’m Courtney, and I’m on a journey of healing from c-PTSD and major depressive disorder. In November 2021, I was diagnosed with both conditions, and I’ve made significant progress through therapies like talk sessions, EMDR, and self-administered psilocybin.

I promised the universe to share my story and help others facing similar challenges. To start, I’m highlighting my travel adventures, ‘skipping to the good part’ before delving into the backstory.

I’m here to inspire those in similar situations, and I’m actively recreating my life, working on discovering my purpose. Your love and support are invaluable, and I appreciate you following my journey. Recreating your life is a transformative process, and I hope to encourage others along the way. Join me on this path of healing and self-discovery. #CaryStateForest #HealingJourney #RecreatingLife #Inspiration”

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