I like where I am right now in life. I’m just coming out of the dark night of the soul. I’m excited about life. I had a Kundalini Awakening 18 months ago. Literally, everything in my life is different, and things are still messy but also exciting because I’m in the middle of completely changing my life. I’m telling my story and living my purpose. Good life may not look the same to me as it does to others, and is certainly different than how I defined it before, but I am so happy where I am. Writing and going through my archive sort of feels like I’m a starving artist, or at least what I think that would be like.

Discover the power of transformation on my channel, where the journey from Kate Layne, an escort, to Authentic Courtney, unfolds. I’ve faced complex PTSD, major depressive disorder, and the relentless grip of survival mode, but I emerged from the darkness with a newfound purpose and a rewired mind. On this platform, I share the wisdom I’ve gained, offering you the tools and inspiration you need to navigate life’s complexities, heal from adversity, and ultimately thrive. Join me on this path of personal growth and self-discovery. We’ll delve deep into the lessons I’ve learned and work together to uncover your unique purpose in this incredible journey we call life.

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