MARBLE LEAGUE SHOWDOWN 2023 🐝 Event 2: 5M Relay Run 🍯

5m Rerlay Run! One of the fan-favorite events, is back for the second event of the ML Showdown 2023. This is a team event where everybody needs to do their best in order to win gold. Who will taste the honey in SD2? Let us know your predictions in the comment section.

Marble League 2023 is over! But there are 16 teams that have a say on that. Today we start the 2-week long calendar or 6 events for the Showdown 2023! The teams that didn’t qualify to ML23 will have the opportunity to compete in the 6 most notable events of ML23 and prove their calibre!
Who will come out on top? Let’s find out!

– At 2:49 and 5:49, there are errors in the results tables, the marble images are incorrect but the results aren’t affected.
– Roldo is on vacation so he’s not in this video.

#marbleleague #MLshowdown #marbleracing

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