I’m a bit scatterbrained in today’s submission of my Kundalini story. It could be the ADHD I was just diagnosed with (or it’s neurological changes from Kundalini awakening). Who knows? I apologize my storytelling tends to take a few twists and turns. In this video, I’m getting real about the need to live out my purpose. So, what’s my purpose? I’m all about having a healing center and using my healing skills to help people. I firmly believe that every twist and turn in life is a lesson, and everything I’ve been through has led me to this point.

I’m making it my mission to break down what a Kundalini awakening is all about. Sharing my story is a big part of that, and I hope it can support others. Ultimately, I dream of having a healing center where people can kick back, navigate their own dark nights of the soul, and find some peace.

Come along as I authentically document the last 18 months — the highs, lows, and everything in between. On my YouTube channel, I share the raw, unfiltered truth of my awakening and its profound impact on my life.

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