Kate Layne Updates for March 2022

Hello, I wanted to give you a quick update on what’s going on in my world.  

Most of my clients and friends are on Twitter and are aware of my account suspension. If you aren’t, I was suspended on March 6, 2021, for multiple DMCA (copyright) violations. Long story short, I appealed every violation, and it took Twitter until December to clear the tweets in question. After that, my account SHOULD have been cleared, but it wasn’t, and it remained suspended. Twitter Customer Support is non-human and impossible if you’ve never dealt with them. Two weeks ago, I got the wild idea to search LinkedIn to find Twitter employees; I figured out Twitter’s email format, emailed a handful of names, asked them to unsuspend my account. Within FOUR hours on a Saturday, my account was unsuspended. Talk about a victory! I still want to pinch myself!

I know it seems silly to be so upset over a social media account, but in this world, it’s (almost) everything about advertising, exposure, etc. I don’t run ads anymore, so nearly everyone I meet finds me from Twitter or one of my featured podcasts. I lost contact with over 40k followers, which was devastating to the business of Kate and ultimately a huge factor when I announced I was done last summer. I was too tired to rebuild it, and I felt it was a good time to leave.

But then I grew tired of the traditional dating scene and decided to come back. But just an occasional date here and there, and again I wasn’t advertising. Between covid and variants and all that, I only occasionally accepted dates. When my account was suspended, I had a lot of time to think about what I’d do IF I ever got it back, and here we are.  

I am back, without restrictions for bookings. New friends, please reach out to me through my site, DateLasVegasKate.com. Acquainted friends can simply email me at KateLayne@safeoffice.com.  

My pictures, although accurate, need to be updated. I’ll be scheduling a photoshoot soon. If you’d like to sponsor the session or an outfit, you’ll get some sneak peeks and perks – reach out for details. 

I have started a YouTube Channel and will be posting regular videos there. You can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8s2rNmNuY6MLkFQD-zvDAgYou’d help me out greatly if you gave me a follow there. With YouTube, your first ‘milestone” is 100 followers, and then you can get your custom URL.  

I announced this on YouTube, but I am working on starting a Podcast if you didn’t see it! It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a few years, actually, and it’s finally in the works! I’m super excited about it. I’m in the early stages of development, and I don’t want to reveal too much until everything is worked out. Still, I have a meeting with a producer in a few weeks, and things are looking pretty good on getting this thing off the ground with the guidance and help of an expert. It’s safe to say that I am stoked! 

I can’t wait to update you soon with more details!

One last thing! Next week is my birthday (March 9). I’ll be going to San Diego to relax and hang out with one of my dear friends. I can’t wait to have some shenanigans with her. Although this is a personal trip, I will have time for ONE date when I’m there, with preference to a longer/dinner date. Reach out to me ASAP if you’d like that time to be with you!

Take Care & Happy March!
Hugs, Kate

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