Daniel and his new squad are on a quest to find a new member! They were excited to host tryouts for their team when none other than the Chef showed up to try out! Should Daniel trust the Chef and allow him to compete in his challenges? But the chef wasn’t alone. Regina showed up to the tryouts as well! Did she leave the spyninjas to join Daniel’s team? Regina decides to tryout for the team in disguise as “Tony”, will Daniel be able to spot her? The Chef and Regina tryout by doing trendy and viral YouTube challenges!
Horseradish drops into our safe house! He gives us some clues we don’t understand before dashing off into our safe house, but he mentioned Regina. So now the Spy Ninjas have to track him down and have him tell them what’s wrong with her. They split up to cover more ground in the safehouse, but suddenly Chad and Melvin both get gassed! It’s up to Vy to rescue them, but the Doppelganger suddenly shows up and it looks like he’s after Horseradish! After sneaking past him and finding where Chad and Melvin are they find out that Chad’s arms and Melvin’s legs don’t work!
Regina is acting crazy! She went missing for 2 days! We worried that she could be lost or ran away from home. It was revealed that she went undercover in disguise as Tony the Tiger to join Daniel’s new YouTuber ex-stalker group, the Nasal Gang. But something weird happened to her that day, she’s not acting like herself. Chad, Vy, and Melvin try their best to snap their best friend back into her normal self.

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