I experienced a spontaneous kundalini awakening without even understanding what it meant. It was quite intense. What’s fascinating is that it all began 19 months ago, and now I can openly discuss it. Subscribe so you don’t miss a thing.


Hello, Beautiful Soul! Welcome to my space. šŸŒŸ

I’m Courtney, and I’ve embarked on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and transformation that I’m thrilled to share with you. My life took an unexpected turn, from navigating the challenges of being an escort to facing c-PTSD and major depressive disorder. But then, something incredible happened ā€“ I experienced a spontaneous kundalini awakening that completely shifted the course of my life.

Join me as I authentically document the last 18 months of my journey ā€” the highs, the lows, and everything in between. I’m sharing the raw, unfiltered truth of my awakening and its profound impact on my life through my YouTube channel.

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