Chef Cooking

Trust Your Chef – Not The Menu

Wouldn’t it be great to have your own personal chef?  A top-notch, award winning chef who has all the right experience know-how.  Amazing right?  Mouthwatering, delicious cuisine every night.  I mean this guy does spectacular things even with to the most basic meals because he knows all about flavor profiles, palettes and seasonings.  He creates amazing, wonderful meals–better than you could even imagine!  Tell him you want steak and with his expertise and creativity shining you’re likely going to have the best damn steak ever!  I mean, a mind blowing steak!  But if you give him a rigid set of expectations he must follow, ingredients and seasonings he must use, you will likely have a good meal, but it’s probably not going to be the masterpiece the chef would have created on his own.  The best meals are made when a chef can put his energy, experience and creativity to work for you, building the meal.  Because that meal isn’t just fuel for your body – it is an experience and that chef is going to make that meal a masterpiece!

This is exactly why I don’t have a “menu” or categories of experiences like GFE or PSE.  I like to put my energy, creativity and experience to work. Just for you.

I get it.  I really do.  You came to my site trying to figure out what a date with me would be like.  What you will get.  Am I worth your money?  To some of my clients, the donation for a date with me is just a regular night out at a nice restaurant, to others, it’s a big event that they save up for.  No matter where you fall on the budget spectrum,  I want you to get a satisfactory experience.  Boy, does that ever sound lame, tame and well, dry.  I assure you, I am far from dry!  I want you to have a mindblowing – can’t get it out of your mind, I need it again, wet dreams for months experience.  I absolutely do!  The point is, I’m not a one size fits all experience.  I provide what my clients need and I am quite comfortable doing so. 

Since somewhere along the way the definitions got convoluted on what GFE and PSE means, let’s just put it out there neither of them mean without protection.  Don’t ask.  Moving on…

GFE is supposed to mean a “Girlfriend Experience” which should be more intimate – passion, kissing, cuddling, more conversations and of course, full service. 

PSE is more full on sex, more about sex than intimacy, a lot more taboo, and otherwise doing things that your girlfriend or wife won’t let you do, or many of the things you see in porn videos.

Regardless of what we are talking about, I have always disliked labels.  I’m a completely free spirit. I never felt that I fit in one category, and I feel the same about labeling the experience I provide.  The thing is, I enjoy our time together, I enjoy creating memories that we can both enjoy and keep as our own.

So, I don’t want to stick myself in a box and say yes I do (only) this or yes, I’ll for sure do that.  I don’t want to tick off a bunch of boxes next to services I do and don’t offer on some website for every Tom, Dick and Harry to read.  Quite honestly, I’ve done them all, (not just Tom, Dick and Harry, but the acts too) and I’ve enjoyed most of them thoroughly.  I am a very experienced provider with very few reservations.  Replying to an inquiry while sitting in front of my computer is a far different head space than being with you and enjoying each other and letting things progress naturally.  I will say this, I believe in a natural flow.  Caught in the moment, I often go way farther and do more than I expected.  Ask me in an inquiry if you can massage my tonsils with your unit and I’ll likely think “no.”  Get me worked up and I’ll hang my head over the edge of the bed, rival any pornstar you’ve ever seen on video indulge your every fantasy in a sloppily good way.

So here’s the deal. Let me know if you have a particular request.  Would you like to be greeted in nothing but lingerie, Louboutin’s, and a trench coat with little talk and straight to the action? Would you like me to take complete control – or give you complete control (I’m naturally a bit of a switch) Would you like to experience something you’ve never done before? Is there any particular toy or items I should bring to our rendezvous?  Or do you desire more of a mentally intimate date where we chat, get to know each other over drinks or dinner, cuddle, kiss and lay in each other’s arms?  Honestly, I love it all!  Let me know how you would like to start our encounter and I will do my best create the best damn Kate Date yet – just for you.  You see, I like to color outside of the lines, I like to test limits, I like to play and I dislike rules so I’m not going to set any rules.  Let me be like that chef using his creativity and experience whipping up the perfect experience just for you!

I only ask one thing of you, and I know you will do this, because I only see kind, respectful, gentleman who pass my screening.  If you want a Kate Date that leans towards the more taboo side, for actions that fellow providers collect more for, I ask that you treat me accordingly when it comes to either tipping or as an extra part of my donation.  You’ll know if what you want is considered a premium upcharge from my fellow providers.  And I trust you’ll treat me quite fairly, as I will you.  It’s like the honor system.