Behold the perfect view, right outside my door!

I’m Courtney, and I’m on a journey of healing from c-PTSD and major depressive disorder. In November 2021, I was diagnosed with both, and I’ve made incredible progress through therapy and self-discovery.

I promised the universe to share my story and help others facing similar challenges. I’ve begun with the uplifting chapters of my travel adventures, ‘skipping to the good part’ before diving into my backstory.

I’m sharing my life and my journey to inspire those in similar situations. Recreating my life and discovering my purpose are my ongoing pursuits. Join me on this path, and your love and support mean the world to me.

Recreating your life is a transformative journey, and I’m here to encourage and uplift. Follow me on this adventure. #HealingJourney #Inspiration #RecreatingLife #SelfDiscovery

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