HO HO HO MERRRRRRY CHRISTMASSSSSS!!!!! Of course, you have to be headed up to the Ear Conference at the North Pole – why do they keep scheduling these for Christmastime??? Missy is headed to an interview, so stay put, and DON’T go on a whirlwind holiday adventure meeting all of her family members! Don’t!!!!!!!

Hahahah omg I had so…. So much fun filming this. It took all week but hey! I never was one for logical strategic video ideas, I only go with the whims of my heart ~ and my heart said to create an entire extended family for Mistletoe, so I did!!

You can watch all of Mistletoe’s other videos here:

0:09 Mistletoe
2:17 Holly (Missy’s Mom)
5:39 Jolly (Missy’s Dad)
8:19 Peppermint (Missy’s Brother)
11:30 Grandmother Dazzle (Missy’s Grandma)
14:11 Sugarplum (Missy’s Aunt)
17:06 Merry & Nutmeg (Missy’s Uncle & His Husband)

Shoutout to Twitter for making me buy little red truck ornaments LMFAOOOOO – actually the only thing I had to buy for this entire video, can you believe it??? The amount of random christmas garb, wigs, and decor I have is unHINGGEEDDDD!

Also, in Grandmother Dazzle’s scene, the painting in the background is actually done by the wonderful @ALBinWhisperland !!! My absolute favorite piece to put up during the holidays :’)

Anyway – i know literally no one asked for this video LOOOOOL but this is actually my last super complicated / overly extra video I had planned on the calendar, expect some more low-key videos in the future hahaha. I also am going to be changing some things up in the new year, but will post about that soon!
But the tl;dr about that is:
– reactivating a second channel for shorter edits AND longer compilation edits
– one video a week on the main channel is likely starting in January? Especially while I am working on Shrek!

Thank you so much for watching!
I hope this brightens the holidays for you all – take care of yourself, and sleep well. 🙂


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