Farewell my friends

An open letter to my friends, lovers, admirers, and acquaintances:
I’ve often thought about when this chapter of my life would come to an end. I wondered when it would happen, what circumstances would lead me to the decision of ending my time as Kate. I considered how I would do it—would I disappear, would I go on a farewell tour, would I let all my favorites see me one last time? Although I didn’t have an end game, I have always told myself I would quit when it was no longer fun. I assumed I would most likely stop because I had found love and wanted to settle down with my Mr. Wonderful. I had no end goal. I loved being Kate and having a series of lovers who adored me and treated me so well. But I began to feel a void. A huge void! You see, for me, being a sex worker was very isolating. It’s a gradual thing; you don’t notice until one day it hits you. It now feels that this lifestyle is hindering my personal growth. A few close friends know both sides of Kate, but, for the most part, this side of me has been kept hidden. I avoided new people, friends, and relationships. I became a hermit and a fraction of the person I once was. Covid quarantine escalated the issue.
Kate was a way for me to date, to have no-strings-attached fun. Traditional dating was often exhausting, unrewarding, and sometimes painful for me. I was tired of being used for sex, but as an escort, it leveled the exchange. The thrill of Kate’s dates was intoxicating and exciting. So much more than a regular date. I have had a great run, I’ve met incredible friends, I’ve had wonderful experiences and created memories to last a lifetime. But it’s just time. It’s no longer me; I’m a genuine person, and I’ve always truly valued the connections I’ve made with my clients and lovers. It meant more to me than the money. If my head isn’t in it, no amount of money makes it worth it.
A few things changed in my life. With the lifting of restrictions, I’ve become more social—more than I have been since I was Kate. I feel different. I feel like the old me. I’m finding myself telling my friends I want to do EVERYTHING. And they understand in the sense that 2020 sucked for everyone. Most don’t know I was isolating myself well before Covid hit. I’ve had much time to think and figure out what I want in life. And honestly, I want and deserve a fulfilling relationship. I started a new company, and my workload is never-ending. I cannot dedicate myself fully to building my business to the level I want while entertaining clients and strangers alike on Twitter. And speaking of Twitter, losing my account with 44,000 followers was devastating. I worked so hard building that account. I’ve tried relentlessly to get it back. I followed the rules; I sent counter-notices for every DMCA violation Received. They are supposed to reverse the withheld content if the DMCA people do not pursue legal action. They didn’t. They don’t even respond. I’ve filed appeals, I’ve asked for rescission of the complaints, I’ve filed a complaint with the better business bureau.
The BBB recommended contacting the California Department of Consumer Affairs and/or the Federal Trade Commission. Considering who Kate is, that’s not in my best interest to contact either of them for help. I justified the time I spent on Twitter. After all, most of my clients came from Twitter, and I had many wonderful gentlemen who supported my efforts with wish list items. But that all diminished after losing my account too. The effort no longer make financial sense.
I’ve decided to close this chapter of my life. I crave a more transparent life. I want to put 100% of my efforts into my business; I believe in love and want to find my soulmate. I want to be loved, valued, and to do the same for a partner. While Kate has been fun, it has always left me with an empty feeling. I’ve tried very hard to have balance, not to go down a rabbit hole that I lost sense of reality. But the truth is, this has changed me. I’ve learned a lot about people—more than in any other job I’ve ever had. I’ve learned more about myself. I’ve grown as a person; even while isolating myself. It’s just time. It’s time to say Goodbye. Although this Goodbye is bittersweet for me, it’s the best thing for me, my company, and my future.
Whether you have been a friend, lover, supporter, admirer, acquaintance, I thank you for your support. You will never know how much I appreciated all that you have done for me. I hope I can remain friends with some of you for life.
In the next few days, I will be disabling my site, DateLasVegasKate.com, and ending my account with safeoffice.com, which will kill my email address. I will be rebranding my little Twitter account to still have a little fun online. After my deletions are complete, and you’d still like to reach out, you should do so at sexpotandnerd@gmail.com.

I guess this is goodbye. Farewell, my friends.

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