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Tips for Booking an Escort

Be respectful. It goes without saying, but…treat me as you would like to be treated, and I will treat you as a valued client.

Contacting me. Email is my preferred method of contact. Please send me your screening information FIRST before sending me scheduling inquiries. That way, I know that you are serious about wanting to see me. Please avoid the use of vulgar, explicit language or anything m illegal acts. Failure to observe this request will terminate any conversation. I do not condone or promote any mentioning unlawful activity of any kind. I will provide a phone number to be used for coordination purposes as our date approaches.

Screening. Screening is imperative; I make no exceptions to my screening process. My verification is non-obtrusive and straightforward. I need to ensure my safety so we can each enjoy our time together without any reservations. I use this information only to verify that I will be safe with you. I need real-world data such as personal ID, work phone, business card, work email address, company phone number, LinkedIn profile. If you include this info with your initial contact, I will likely think you are a respectful gentleman that I want to see.

Deposits and Payments. New clients will be asked for a small deposit to get on my calendar. It will be part of your donation. If you cancel before the 48-hour cancellation policy begins, it will be returned entirely. I will give you multiple easy ways to submit payment to me.

Donations. My consideration is non-negotiable. We should never discuss it. You should leave the gift on your bathroom counter in an unsealed envelope. I will collect it and verify it’s correct in private at the start of our date. If we meet in public, please have the donation in a book, magazine, or gift bag, which you hand to me at the start of our date. Tips, gifts, and parking/valet fees are not required but always appreciated.

Punctuality. Please let me know if you will be running late or need to cancel. I understand things happen, after all, life is life, but I need to know as soon as possible. I will always do the same, although it is a scarce occasion that I will be late for an appointment. If you need to cancel, please respect my cancellation policy below.

Personal hygiene. I am always immaculately groomed and freshly showered. It is of primary importance that you are the same. Have a shower before the appointment. Wash twice! Any place you may want me to explore should be impeccably clean. Should it be necessary to shower during our time together, I may even join you.

Phones. I prefer that your phone is put away during our time together to focus on each other entirely. Speaking of phones, I do not permit photography or recording of any kind during our date.

Drug Use. I do not tolerate heavy/illicit drugs or large amounts of alcohol use before or during our time together. A few cocktails are ok. I am 420 friendly. I do not use or condone any other type of drug usage before or during our date. If you are a tobacco smoker, it will not prevent me from seeing you. Please note it on your booking request.

Cancellations. In the unlikely event that I need to cancel our date, I will refund you entirely. If you cancel with 72 hours or more of our time together, I will refund your entire deposit. If you need to cancel l with 24 hours to 72 hours, You will owe 50% of the booking. Less than 24 hours of the booking, the fee will due in full. While I use reporting sites sparingly and only for the most egregious offenses, canceling without paying the fee will force me to add you to a blacklist.

Discretion is paramount. I will never call, text you (other than coordinate our plans), or approach you in public. While I love to talk and learn about you, I will never pry. I will never come to a date dressed in a way that would draw attention to myself or you unless you have a specific outfit or “look” request. Should you happen to see me out, I prefer not to be approached and never address me as “Kate.”

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