Kate in pink dress on stairs

Review: Above All, She’s Genuine

I just received this lovely testimonial written by a great client that I was lucky enough to spend not one but two dates with a few weeks ago!  It’s safe to say a great time was had by both of us!

“I have been a client in this venture for several years. I was visiting Las Vegas for work recently and searched as before my trip. I stumbled upon Kate’s Eros ad. I was drawn in by her way with the written word and her photos. Are they accurate? Both are, but if you want a better sense of who Kate is as a companion I suggest you head over to her Twitter. It was there I knew I found the Vegas lady I wanted to spend time with. 

Her screening is painless but necessary. I have a job I’d love to keep and was traveling with colleagues. I let Kate know this and she was discrete in every way through the screening process to when we actually met at my hotel before we went to dinner. I booked an overnight and I don’t regret it.

When we met and I caught a glimpse of her walking across the parking lot I knew I hadn’t made a mistake. We all have that moment set in when we first meet a courtesan. I was immediately eased upon our initial introduction. 

We held hands on the way to dinner (a walk) and we got better acquainted in multiple ways. At dinner Kate was a lady but also a lover, friend, and a all-around joy to be around. I didn’t feel like I was on “a date” but meeting an old friend for dinner, but more than a friend. Kate has many stories on life to tell but is also a skilled listener and an adventurous eater. She was gracious the whole time and never aired a sense of entitlement. 

When we retired it was like being with the sexiest roommate ever. She always put me first and acted on some of the things she heard during our dinner conversation. When the morning came she wasn’t in a rush, but I had to get to work. I was truly sad to part her but also left satiated in mind and body.

Two days later I had a different lady cancel on me. I had no doubts on whom to reach out to, I reached out to Kate and we did dinner all over again.

Kate doesn’t put on a performance, the two dates were both great but in no way identical as if it was something she had rehearsed. If you read her blog post on the chef’s cooking you will know what I’m talking about…

Kate is friendly, approachable, skilled in many arts, a hell of a good time, and a sight for sore eyes.

I have been doing this for several years and Kate makes me wish I lived in Vegas. She is the best lady I have ever met. She is fun, funny, responsive, intuitive, and above all, genuine. 

Kate, I can’t wait to see you again…whenever that may be….”