“Mehal Meda” is an Amharic phrase, which, in essence, means a “central venue”. This channel is dedicated to provide a platform where various perspectives are reflected on current, past, and future social, political, scientific, religious, economic, health, legal, historical, and cultural events and phenomena that affect East Africa; especially, our beloved homeland, Ethiopia, and her twin, sovereign and independent sister-nation, Eritrea.
Mehal Meda encourages civil, respectful, positive discourses and discussions as it serves as a venue for peoples of Ethiopian and Eritrean origins to share their opinions, frustrations, concerns, expectations, life-experiences, aspirations, hopes, and dreams.

Mehal Meda does not offer any professional advise, nor does it make claims of expertise in any general or particular area.

Disclaimer: Mehal Meda often refers to and uses materials and clips from various media, including, audio and videos of interviews, news, events, documents, discussions, printed materials, etc. of various contents from other sources, which may be copyrighted; such uses are for the sake of reference only, and in such materials, the credit goes to the copyright owner. Mehal Meda does not intend on infringing any entity’s intellectual property. In instances where such copyrighted materials are used without them being specifically authorized by the copyright owner, the use of such copyrighted materials from other sources constitute a fair use as provided in Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Law and as provided in title 17 U.S.C. Section 107. Mehal Meda is a non-for-profit channel and media.

Any discussions points, thoughts, views, assertions, perspectives, and opinions expressed by viewers and readers, be it in writing, graphically, vocally, or in any other way, do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Mehal Meda and/or its management; therefore Mehal Meda and/or its management are not responsible for contents that other individuals and entities may express, publish, post, voice, upload, distribute or transmit on Mehal Meda’s YouTube channel and/or its website and comment section esat admas radio ethio 360 media andafta tmh zehabesha

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