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Right now every provider is doing some sort of “virtual date experience”.  I have thought long and hard about if this sort of option made sense for me to offer.  In a pre-quarantine world, I prided myself on finding a unique connection with my clients and providing a custom experience to ensure they had the best time possible.  So I set about to try to find a way to achieve this in this new virtual world that we all find ourselves in today.  I thought about pricing tiers, what should be included in each date, how to make it easy to communicate to all of you.  At the end of the day, what I realized is that you don’t want a grid of options.  You want what you have always wanted – a relationship that isn’t scripted, that doesn’t have check boxes of things that are included – something real and genuine. 

So with that in mind, I am proud to announce Kate’s TeleDates.

There is no set structure….

There is no set price…

Let’s create something unique to your desires and budget.  Perhaps all you want is to exchange good morning and goodnight text. Maybe you are looking to text me throughout the day and even have me send candid pics while I go about my quarantine life.  You also might possibly want full access to me via text and phone all day where we can chat about virtually any topic that’s on your mind. 

All of this is possible now.

Many of my clients and friends on Twitter have asked for something like this for years, and this is the right time to bring this to market. So let’s chit chat and get to know each other!

Please reach out to me via Twitter DM or my inquiry form here and let’s talk about what works for you and me together.

Las Vegas Rates by Duration

1 hour             500

90 min             700

2 hours            900

3 hours         1,200

4 hours         1,400

6 hours         1,800

8 hours         2,200

12 hours       3,300


Add Ons

Need an incall? – Add $100 (waived for 2 hours or more)

Dates starting after 11pm and before 8 am – Add $100

Same Day / Last minute dates – Add $100


Extended Dates

24 hour           5,000

48 hour           9,000

Kate Back in Lingerie on bed

Fly me to you

I will fly anywhere in the United States for the cost of my booked time plus travel/lodging.  Travel fees will be determined before date is confirmed.

4 hour minimum date required for flight duration of 2 hours and under. 

6 hour minimum date for flight duration exceeding 2 hours.



Would you like to see me in your city without the additional travel fees? Book me a minimum of two months in advance and I will advertise for a tour in your city.  If I get enough interest and confirmed engagements I will waive all travel fees and you can simply see me on the tour.

For a limited time only – Contact me for more details

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50 First Dates With Kate

50 First Dates with Kate are unique clock-casual activity dates with a theme based around first experiences.  To qualify for a clock casual date, at least one element of the activity should be considered a first time experience for either you or I.  Even better if its both of us! The first experience can be anything from mild to wild, big to little it doesn’t matter what it is, just as long as it’s something one of us has not experienced before. Let’s do it together!   So, if you’ve never eaten oysters or had a boysenberry martini, let’s fix that!  If you’ve never driven an exotic super car, we can head over to Speed Vegas and do it! If you’ve never taken a date to a hockey game, well Go Knights Go and let’s go!  First dates will have both public and private time elements, but the experience should be a public time activity because I will be writing about our date in a future blog.

That’s right! I will be writing about our activity date in a future blog.  You get to provide input for the blog (but only if you want to) So, this date is not only perfect for the gentleman who enjoys planning dates but also great for those that enjoy reminiscing about the time we shared together.  I will be making a list of date ideas I would love to experience with you!  Until that’s done let me know your ideas!  I cannot wait to share a new experience with you!


Kate in red satin sheets

When was

the last time

you did something

For the first time?

A clock casual experience with an activity and a theme

Silver             1,600

Gold               2,000

Platinum        2,500

Silver – Perfect for dinner, show or similar activity more than 4 hours but not to exceed six hours. Public and private time included.

Gold – Enough time for a combination of activities more than six hours but not to exceed 8 hours. Public and private time included

Platinum – A full day of activities.  More than 8 hours, but not to exceed 10. Public and private time included.


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